Make Orphan Sunday Unforgettable

Maybe it was a friend’s compassion for you when you were grieving. Maybe it was a few timely words from a family member. Maybe it was a second chance when you hit rock bottom. Or maybe it was God’s common grace of life. If we think about it, we have all received unforgettable gifts that have sparked new ambitions, fresh mindsets, and clean starts. On November 10, churches everywhere had a chance to give influential gifts like these on Orphan Sunday.

The miraculous stories, exciting progress, and convicting calls to action were incredible, encouraging, impactful, and…forgotten? It’s so easy to let the good intentions ignited by these efforts fizzle out like New Year’s resolutions. Orphan Sunday may have passed, but it’s never too late for individuals to step up and change a life.

The most meaningful way to bless an orphan in another country is through sponsorship. The monthly gift of $35 supports the child’s nutritional needs, healthcare, education, spiritual needs, and more. Whenever a child has to worry if they’ll be able to eat today, they are robbed of the crucial opportunity to just be a kid—to play, to explore, to feel safe. When children can attend school, they’ll grow up with the skills and experiences they’ll need to support themselves so they don’t have to scrounge for a living or sell their bodies.

So how do you do it when these children are out of sight and out of mind?

  1. Prioritize. There’s no time like the present to do good. If you’re able to sponsor a child now, then why wait?
  2. Pray. Put your sponsored child on your prayer list so you will think of him or her regularly. If you aren’t sponsoring a child, you can still pray for the children in the programs. Set a daily reminder on your phone to spend a few minutes in prayer for them.
  3. Partner. A likeminded friend can help you maintain focus and vice versa. Together, you can look for new ways to serve children and keep each other’s enthusiasm fresh.
  4. Pursue. Following a ministry that serves children on social media will keep you updated with life stories, service opportunities, and prayer requests. Check out organizations like @ChristianAllianceforOrphans, @compassionintl, and @GlobalFingerprintsEFCA on Facebook.
  5. Possibilities. Consider serving as a GlobalFingerprints Advocate to keep you connected to the ministry or search for ways to help orphans in your hometown.

With your support, a child will receive dignifying care from Christians who share God’s love. That is a truly unforgettable gift that matters for an eternity.

Meet a child to sponsor at

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