Becoming a GlobalFingerprints Advocate

What is a GlobalFingerprints Advocate?

GlobalFingerprints Advocates are the liaison between the ministry of GlobalFingerprints and their church. Advocates promote GlobalFingerprints in their church and help to organize their church’s involvement in GlobalFingerprints events such as a Sponsorship Sunday on Orphan Sunday.

What do GF Advocates do?

As mentioned above, when a church decides to promote GlobalFingerprints on a Sunday, they will generally turn to the GF Advocate to help them find the resources they need and to organize the sponsor sign up in the foyer.

Throughout the year GF Advocates find ways to promote GlobalFingerprints that fit with their personality. Some make presentations in Sunday School classes or to small groups. Others invite people into their home to talk about child sponsorship. And tech savvy folks sometimes promote GlobalFingerprints through social media.

GF Advocates can also organize fundraising events to raise money for GlobalFingerprints funds such as the health or school supplies funds and to raise awareness of the ministry of GF.

What support is provided for GF Advocates? 

We consider GlobalFingerprints Advocates insiders in our ministry. So, every other month, GlobalFingerprints leaders share stories from the field about their ministry and how God is working in the lives of children.

On the off months, GF Advocates receive a brief newsletter with more inside information about GlobalFingerprints and ministry to at-risk children as well as ideas for promoting GlobalFingerprints in your church.

What resources are available?

On the GlobalFingerprints website you’ll find an order form where you can order free advocate resources including the following items:

  • Child cards you make available for people to sponsor children
  • T-shirts for volunteers at your event
  • The GlobalFingerprints video
  • Brochures
  • Posters and bulletin inserts
  • Specialty items like stickers and pens.

You’ll also find a GlobalFingerprints Sponsorship Sunday Coordinator’s Guide which walks you through the entire process of organizing a sponsorship promotion during worship services.

Who Can I Contact with Questions and to Register?

Contact the GF Team, 800-745-2202

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