Be Their Voice: How You Can Become an Advocate

Advocate. Verb: To champion, vouch for, encourage, stand up for.

Advocate, Noun: A protector, spokesman, missionary, apostle.

We need people who love God and love children to be the faces and voices of GlobalFingerprints in their local churches. Because churches are the main source of sponsorships, it’s important for them to know that GlobalFingerprints exists, what we do, and how they can join us in loving orphans and those in need. That’s where the Advocates come in.

Advocates boost the number of sponsored children by sharing their knowledge of and experiences with GlobalFingerprints with their church. They can do so through ministry opportunity announcements, speaking to small groups, hosting prayer events, showing people how to sponsor a child, and so much more (check out the Advocate’s Guide for a thorough list).

Having a consistent voice in the church speaking up for children in poverty keeps the needs of these kids on the hearts and minds of the members. When people have questions, they’ll also know who to go to for answers. Advocates are friends who light the way for others to experience the joy of loving others as we’re called to. They’re flares of hope who share the beautiful ways God has blessed and inspired His people.

As an Advocate, you certainly wouldn’t be going it alone. Every other month, you can join a Skype call to hear from other Advocates and receive support and encouragement from GlobalFingerprints leaders. Free resources are also available online to help your audience remember the mission.

There’s no risk in trying your hand at advocacy. You’re free to step down from the role whenever you need to.

If you have seen children’s spiritual lives, health, psychosocial development, and education improve, then you have hope to share. If you yourself have been touched and emboldened by sponsoring a child, then you have the authenticity to draw people to what you say.

If you love God’s children, then consider becoming their Advocate.

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