Through New Eyes

If you wear glasses, take them off for a minute. What does your world look like?

Can you see each autumn leaf on the maple tree? Or do they all blur together into a mass? Maybe reading this is a struggle or your spouse’s smile is hazy.

When popping on the proper pair of glasses is only a Walmart away, we can forget what a blessing eyecare is. For people like “Laura,” however, it’s a dream come true.

About 2,000 miles south of the United States, the Republic of Panama ties North and South America together. To Laura, Panama’s tropical warmth and liveliness is home. But for years, she couldn’t see her world properly. Like so many people, Laura needed glasses. She visited clinic after clinic to receive the care she needed, but without enough money, she was forced to settle for glasses with the wrong prescription.

Everything was indistinct. The nuances of textures, lines, and shades slipped past her.

But a sponsor changed that.

When Laura joined GlobalFingerprints and became sponsored, she could finally afford to get the right glasses. She could see the individual grains on a brick, the veins on a leaf, the gentle ridges in a fingerprint. Laura was elated.

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus repeatedly shows concern for His people’s sight. In Matthew 9:27-30, Jesus heals two blind men according to their faith. In John 9:1-7, He defends a blind man, saying that the man was born blind so that “the works of God might be displayed in him.” Jesus then healed him. In Mark 8:22-25, Jesus doesn’t let the blind man at Bethsaida walk away with partially restored vision; He ensures that his vision is full and clear.

These physical restorations mirror the holistic spiritual healing God gives to those who ask. God sharpens our dulled consciences, clarifies our blurred wisdom, and grounds us in a detailed world handcrafted by God Himself.

You can help care for the physical and spiritual needs of a child like Laura. Sponsor a child in need at

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