A Week in the Life of a Global Fingerprints Site Coordinator

By Peggy Maynard, Global Fingerprints Site Coordinator in Liberia

One of the most frequent questions I get is, “But what do you DO when you are in Liberia?” This blog post will be mostly pictures as I show you what I do on my trips.

I often arrive late on a Friday night, but there’s no time to rest! Saturday I get groceries and have a staff meeting with all the GlobalFingerprints Liberian staff.

Peggy Liberia 1
Sundays I attend one of the local churches, then try to relax in the afternoon, and maybe do some paperwork to prepare for the week.

Peggy Liberia 3

Monday through Friday I visit schools in the mornings. I try to meet with each GlobalFingerprints child, talk to them and take their picture.  Here I am visiting a class at Russ Wood School.

Peggy Liberia 5

Heidi and I met with the kids from Jomo Orodoe school. (Below)
Peggy Liberia 6

Keeping children’s pictures updated on our web site is a big job. The Child Advocates take pictures, but I try to help them out by taking as many as I can while I’m there.

Peggy Liberia 7

I’m always taking pictures, videos, and getting stories to share with our sponsors and supporters back in the U.S. to give them a glimpse into the life of children in Liberia.

If their sponsor has sent a gift with me, I’ll give them their gift. I try to always get a picture of them with their gift and send it to the sponsor.

Peggy 9

Afternoons I schedule individual staff meetings to get to know them better, hear what they are struggling with and help them as I can. I also bring computers, cameras, and other equipment they need.

I always meet with Lucy, our accountant, to go over the finances for the program in Liberia. She is doing well learning our accounting program and sending me monthly reports.

​​Peggy 10

I spend lots of time with James, our Program Manager. He enters information on the website, as well as overseeing the program. He accompanies me most of the time I am there.

program manager

I also meet with each of the Child Advocates, look at their child files, and talk about any issues with them or the children.

I also visit homes of sponsored children as we have time. In January, we visited Ezekial and his grandmother at their home.


We partner with the Evangelical Free Church of West Africa in Liberia. I try to meet with their President Titus Davis and his wife Dorcas each time I come.


Every trip includes praying with the staff. We cannot do it without God’s help!