Health Clinic Can Help Sick GF Children All Year Round 

By Steve Spellman, GlobalFingerprints, Haiti

One of the primary areas of care for the children in our GlobalFingerprints program is physical health. Each child has a yearly check-up, currently being done by teams of medical professionals from the US.

Over the past four years, children in the program have been treated for everything from heart defects to hernia surgeries, glasses to dental procedures. During the visits in 2017, one of our US doctors commented on the positive progress almost every child in the program has shown in their BMI scores (height, weight and basic health index).

From the inception of the GlobalFingerprints program, our Haitian team has dreamed of creating a small medical clinic in one of the neighborhoods served by GlobalFingerprints. The clinic would serve the GlobalFingerprints children, serve the community and serve as an outreach for the church as well.

Donors from Constance Church in Minnesota generously contributed funds for the purchase of land, legal fees and for construction of a wall around the land at the proposed site.

Our Haitian leaders believe that the time has come to build the clinic. Rather than have “regular” check-ups only when American doctors are in Haiti, a clinic will allow children (and families) to be seen when needed, to receive better follow up and to have a place where the children can receive longer-term care.

The clinic will not replace the valuable ministry of US health professionals. Rather it will be a needed, added component to the physical care of our Hatian GlobalFingerprints children.

We estimate the cost to build the first phase of construction to be $40,000. If you would like to contribute to this need, write your check to EFCA and send it to EFCA Donor Services, 901 East 78th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55420. To ensure the contribution goes to the correct fund, write the words: “Haiti Medical Clinic” in the memo line.

Thank you for considering this need!