Refugee Stunned by Bible Account of Fiery Furnace

By GlobalFingerprints Syrian Refugee Team Member

A seven-year-old Syrian refugee boy was stunned and incredibly touched by the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. He has been in our program for quite a while, but the storyteller told us that was the first time ever this child was absolutely engaged in a story. Usually, he’s fidgety and inattentive.

The storyteller showed the children an animated video of the three faithful servants in the fiery furnace in Jesus’ embrace, feeling protected and secure. They then saw the three emerge from the furnace untouched and unharmed.

That was when this child surprisingly raised his hand, asking if they could pray to that God in the clip right then in that moment. The storyteller was elated! He immediately explained to the child that the God they pray to before starting worship and storytelling is the same God in the movie snippet.

The child asked if he could talk to God, too, and whether prayer is restricted to a certain place and time. The storyteller told him that he could pray anytime and anywhere and God will always listen to him and answer his prayers.

Later, he had a craft to do. He chose the biggest character and said it must be Jesus!

GlobalFingerprints ministers to Syrian refugee children through a ministry center run in partnership with a local church in the middle east. The center provides regular Bible classes for the children as well as help with schooling, nutrition and medical needs.  The center is a safe place for children to play, relax and learn about Jesus.