GF Staff Help Family Living in Voodoo Temple

By Jennifer Blevins, GlobalFingerprints Haiti

Pastor Henry Claude and Rosita have been serving in the community of Jan Jan since 1993, but it wasn’t until they started managing the new GlobalFingerprints Haiti site and doing monthly home visits of the children that they fully realized how tough the living conditions are in Jan Jan. They quickly became concerned about the homes of many of the children in the program and began prioritizing a list of the most serious cases. The one that rose to the top of the list was the home of Yolande.

Yolande is a 12-year-old girl (far left in the picture above, along with her mother and two of her sisters) who is sponsored by GlobalFingerprints. She and her parents and three sisters were living in a small shack that didn’t belong to them, and the homeowner told them they had to move out. Shortly after that, a storm hit causing a tree to fall on the house. Now, they had no other choice – they were forced to find shelter in the nearby voodoo temple.

The GlobalFingerprints staff knew they had to do something. With the help of funds from the sponsorship program as well as those brought in by a short-term team serving with ReachGlobal, a new home was built for Yolande and her family. It is a small and simple home, but it is dry, secure, and has two separate rooms. And it is theirs!

When the GlobalFingerprints staff went to bless the home, Yolande’s mother expressed her sincerest thanks and asked for prayers. She asked us to pray that she and her family would “follow the way that we are on.” What a privilege it was to watch Pastor Henry Claude share with her right then and there that she doesn’t have to do anything to clean herself up or get right with God in order to follow The Way. She just has to accept the gift of love that Jesus freely gives.

That is what GlobalFingerprints is all about – addressing both the physical and spiritual needs of the most vulnerable children (and their families!) and impacting them with the fingerprint of Christ!